S.A. Mountain Accidents Database

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South Africa has been placed under lockdown since March 27th and there have been no rescue call-outs since then.
The database is still being updated periodically as the team continues to attend remote training sessions via online meetings.
The date of the last update reflects the attendance register of these online training sessions, not actual rescue activity.

The last rescue recorded occured on March 23 2020. The last time we recorded such a large gap between rescues was 22 years ago in 1998.

Patient activity
Patient experience
Patient status
Accident cause
Contributory causes
Province or Country
Total stats
Cumulative increase
Annual stats
Monthly stats
Weekly stats
Daily stats - from 1970 to present
Cumulative proportions
Helicopter resource distribution
List of common accident areas on TM
Age and country demographics
Incident vs Callout times
Tourists vs locals
Western Cape crime stats

The database is: online
Last update: 2020-05-21
Number of entries: 4640
Georeferenced: 3488
Data range: 1653 to 2020

Managed by MCSA Search and Rescue

Managed by:
MCSA Search and Rescue
Project run by:
Andrew Lewis