BC 1463 - UCT Mountain and Ski Club Records

Stored under Mountain and Ski Club Bulletin, BU 796.5205 UNI s.6503 / s.6503a

Log books:

A     Base hut log books
    A1     19/08/1967-16/11/1978
    A2     25/02/1979-30/12/1991

B     Hoare hut log book

C     Pells hut log books
    C1     02/07/1941-22/08/1954
    C2     27/08/1954-09/01/1966
    C3     12/12/1965-14/10/1989
    C4     23/11/1990-23/06/1996
    C5     "Dit was sport en eer en alles" a history of the construction of the Pells hut on Waaihoek by Philip Pells

D     Waaihoek hut log book
    D1     20/11/2005-18/08/2010
    D2     23/09/2010-03/06/2011

Remainder of log books (3?) at Hoare Hut?
1972 - 1985?
1991 - 2004?
2011 - current

E Plans for the building of Hoare Hut drawn by R. D. Hoare, designed by D. Cornell and M. Mamacos, March 1969 - 9 sheets Design details for gable frame, timber design for new hut at Waaihoek and construction details for new hut at Waaihoek. OS

F Zuurberg archives
    F1     Letter re Waaihoek rescue that took place ca. 1974 and 1976 from Brian de Villiers to Andrew Lewis (1996), includes six photographs
    F2     Zuurberg photos
        Rob Jones, 1990-1995. Includes a list of photographs
    F3     Map
The Waaihoek Basin and Witels River
Map shows railways, roads: beaconed paths, paths: unmarked routes, waterfalls, important rock features and cultivated lands. Boundary of Zuurberg (UCT Mountain and Ski Club), compiled 1964-1970 and drawn 1970, revised 1973. (4 sheets) OS